Cottonwood Trail

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The Cottonwood Trail is a gravel 2-track. It meanders along Whiterock Ditch for most of its way, on its E/S sides for much of the northern half, and on its W/S sides for the southern half. Cottonwoods and willows (many of which are massive) are plentiful, making for some very lush greenery as well as respite from the warmer months' punishing sun. Though it's on the NE edge of our bustling city, it has a wonderfully bucolic feel.

Northern trailhead: Jay Rd, 0.25 miles E of Diagonal/119; no parking is available here.
Southern trailhead: Independence Rd, 0.75 miles E of Diagonal; parking is available here on the S side of Independence Rd.
Approximate length: 1.25 miles
Difficulty: Easy; there is no elevation gain/loss.

Other notes:

  • There is open space on one or both sides for all of its length.
  • On the S side of the bridge, a connection to the E terminus of the Fourmile Creek pathway can be had by hike-a-biking over the railroad tracks.
  • Continuing S from Independence, it becomes the Cottonwood Path. Its surface is blacktop and concrete, and it too follows Whiterock Ditch most of the way to its SW terminus at 47th St.
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1.25 mi.
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