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Work those legs after work or on a winter day!

If you are looking for some great trails to ride in the winter or for a spin without endless climbs, Boulder Valley Ranch is the place to do it and the Eagle Trail is the gateway to points north from town.

With only 389 feet of climbing total (actually most of that is descent if you start at North Broadway) in 2.7 miles, the Eagle Trail is not exactly a thrill-a-minute, seat-of-your-pants fun ride, but it is beautiful. The Eagle offers some of the best views of the areas north of town you'll find. Also, if you are looking for a place to ride when snow is on the ground, this place is an easy cruise on powder days. I'm not going to say that this trail rules for mountain biking. It's a great place for beginners to get their legs working and to learn some basic skills. Advanced riders will likely need a strong cup of coffee or below freezing temps to stay awake.

There is one short downhill/uphill area about halfway through (downhill if moving east) that is both a source of excitement (going down) and consternation (going up). It doesn't look like much, but it maxes out at about 15% grade (and that's pretty butt kicking). Many a cyclocross rider has had to get off and hoof it going up that and it owns singlespeeders!

From the west, you'll encounter a gate at the end of North Broadway. Cruise on the combination of doubletrack and singletrack to the downhill section. The trail forks with the left options going to Sage and Left Hand Trails. The right is the continuation of Eagle that will take you to the Boulder Reservoir.

From the east, enter at the trailhead parking lot. Follow the trail (dirt road) west. The fork in the trail about .5 miles from the trailhead will either take you onto the Sage Trail (turning right) or continue on the Eagle Trail towards the short hillclimb. If you're out for miles, the Sage Trail actually wraps around and meets the Eagle Trail again at the base of the hill and you can do laps until you exercise your demons.

This trail doesn't see heavy use on most days, but sometimes you'll get a swarm of trail runners or the aforementioned crazy cyclocrossers training. The downhill can be pretty zippy so give a quick look ahead before you end up barreling into oncoming traffic.

"technical section" of Eagle aka "the wall"

Connects to:

  • North Broadway & Foothills Trail on the west side
  • Sage and ultimately to the Eagle Trailhead near the Boulder Reservoir.
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2.7 mi.
389 ft.
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