East Boulder Trail (Teller Farm)

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Teller Farms Trail is a flat dirt and gravel road with parking lots at either end, one accessed off Valmont Road and the other set back off Arapahoe. It is largely flat and an easy ride even for young children. It goes by Teller Lake and is modestly scenic with some great views of the Divide, meandering through a riparian habitat with ducks and other water fowl. Bald Eagles can also be seen in this area.

Be cautious as this trail is popular with joggers and other folks due to its convenient location.

Teller Farms is the southernmost section of the East Boulder Trail.   You have the option to continue north from Valmont Road onto the White Rocks and Gunbarrel sections for a larger ride.

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2.4 mi.
25 ft.


Trail Meter: Closed»Fair

Trail condition updated to Fair.

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Seasonal trail conditions exist. Please do not ride muddy trails.

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open and clear

Trail Meter: Poor»Good


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Open during White Rocks construction, up to Boulder Creek. Muddy conditions expected right now.

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NOTE: the trail is closed where it crosses South Boulder Creek due to a washed out bridge, North of Valmont.

From Arapahoe to Valmont, the trail is mostly in good shape but the bypass section near the south end is overgrown. The section North of the closure is a bit overgrown and rutted.

Trail Meter: Fair»Poor

probably poor, please update

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

@boulderosmp via Twitter: Teller Farm has some big puddles, but is otherwise in good condition. #boco_trails

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