Fourmile Link Trail

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Get ready for a lung-buster!

This 0.8 mile trail allows you to access the Betasso Preserve trail system from Fourmile Canyon.  To use this trail, you should ride from town - there is no parking and no trailhead at Fourmile Canyon Road.

This trail also enables more adventurous (stubborn? jonesing for miles?) mountain bikers to make a loop from Boulder without repeating trail - check out the Super Betasso route description for more info.

The Fourmile Link Trail is possible due to one of the most exciting recent open space purchases by Boulder County Parks and Open Space (BCPOS). After acquiring 400 acres to the north and west of Betasso Preserve, BCPOS decided to build an additional 4 or so miles of trail that connect to the Canyon Loop Trail, and the Benjamin Loop (2011) and Fourmile Link were born.  Whenever you see some County staff on the trails, thank them for building this awesome shared use trail!

Important stuff you should know:

  • This trail is closed to bikes on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Expect two-direction traffic, so look ahead and watch for other trail users.
  • There is no formal trailhead on Fourmile Canyon Drive, and no parking along that stretch of road, so BMA recommends riding your bike from town if you want to access Betasso Preserve from this trail.

Please obey these rules and BMA will continue to work with BCPOS to make the system work better!


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T: 6 A: 6 C: 7

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0.8 mi.
350 ft.
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