Illegal Trail Building on Betasso Link Trail - A Message from BCPOS

Some of you have probably heard about illegal trail building on the Betasso Link trail. Our friends at Boulder County Parks and Open Space asked us to share this message with the BMA community:

We need your help! We have seen a recent resurgence in illegal downhill trail building on the Betasso Link trail. This is not a new issue at this location. Due, in large part to volunteers such as yourselves and countless staff hours, we have seen a vast improvement and have fewer instances of illegal trail building in this area in recent years. BCPOS staff has dismantled the structures and slashed the new trails that were built. Now we really need your help to make sure that the trails don't come back. By setting a good example and being the responsible riders and citizens that you are, you can help influence these few riders who are breaking the rules and causing considerable natural resource damage to an already fragile area. We respect that fact that there is a contingency of riders out there who wish to see this type a riding experience in Boulder County. However, we would like to encourage you and help to encourage others to make your voice heard through more productive means. By showing up and participating in our planning processes and visitor use surveys, we, as a department can respond to these needs. Thank you again for volunteering by patrolling, trail building, trail repair or even just participating in the public process! Show up and make a difference!

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