Left Hand Res Road

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This road (also known as FS104) can serve as a useful connector to singletrack trails in the Brainard Lake area, so BMA put it into our trails database. It's wide and not exceptionally techincal, but can be steep at times.  Typically, mountain bikers use this road in two contexts:

1) park at Brainard Lake Trailhead and use Left Hand Res Road to climb up to the Little Raven Trail

2) to connect between the Little Raven (East) and Little Raven trail segments.

#2 can be a little tricky ... let's say your on the Sourdough Trail and want to hit Little Raven.  You will first get onto Little Raven (East) which dumps you onto the Left Hand Res Road.  Turn left onto the road and continue climbing for about 1/2 mile, then start looking right for a USFS trail sign directing you back onto the Little Raven.

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T: 5 A: 7 C: 2

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1.7 mi.
520 ft.


Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Dry four wheel drive road

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Snow free up to Little Raven West

There's a decent path and early or late might be best for the next day or two. It was dropping goose feathers when I left.

Partially rideable on a fat. Maybe... 60/40.

Snow season - trails starting to pack in.

Mainly dry. Some splashy mud sections.

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

The road has been very useful in connecting the right areas. The road has helped a lot in reducing the traffic. It has not only helped in reducing the traffic but is also shortens the distance and save us a lot of fuel. what is sharepoint




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