Little Thompson Overlook

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From the saddle after the initial climb from the trailhead, the Little Thompson Overloop trail heads uphill to the left.

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T: 5 A: 6 C: 5

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1 mi.
217 ft.


Didn't ride the entire trail but what I checked out was good :)

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Didn't ride the entire trail but what I checked out was good :)

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

from RangerDMorris via Twitter: Hall, Heil, & Rabbit - Trails all muddy today.

all dry

Trail Meter: Poor»Good


Trail Meter: Good»Poor

from RangerWhite1 via Twitter: Rabbit Mtn trails are MUDDY. With the high winds, tomorrow may be a better day to visit.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

From RangerGrady yesterday: Rabbit Mtn trails are good and dry!

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

from Ranger Grady: Rabbit Mtn. trails are mostly dry, some ice and mud on the north side of the Eagle Wind Trail

Trail Meter: Good»Poor
Trail Meter: Closed»Good

This area got 6-8 inches of snow on 1/9/11. If you like riding on snow-pack, this area will be great! If the temps warm up later this week, please watch yourself. It could get muddy.

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