Little Thompson Overlook

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From the saddle after the initial climb from the trailhead, the Little Thompson Overloop trail heads uphill to the left.

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T: 5 A: 6 C: 5

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1 mi.
217 ft.


Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

In pretty good shape.

12/29 - Crappy snowy slushy muddy crap with some more crap. This is your worst nightmare coming true. Don't ride here!

No, you're not going to go all supernatural and above the mud, or split the slush like Moses did the Red Sea. Trust me, I've tried. Get out the XC skis and go to Brainard or go climbing at the gym or just look surly and drink something off your top shelf, but please don't ride this - at least until the new year.

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

11/2 Snow, slush and mud. DON'T RIDE THIS TRAIL NOW. Snow and mud will persist until next storm on Saturday 11/5. If that doesn't materialize, might be rideable by Tuesday 11/7.

what i rode was very good, if you want baby heads galore look no further

what i rode was excellent

Didn't ride the entire trail but what I checked out was good :)

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Didn't ride the entire trail but what I checked out was good :)

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

from RangerDMorris via Twitter: Hall, Heil, & Rabbit - Trails all muddy today.

all dry

Trail Meter: Poor»Good


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