Mayhoffer-Singletree Trail

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Mayhoffer is another connector piece of the Dirty Bismark loop. It was one of the final sections opened, and although this trail is pretty wide and flat now, it will surely narrow down with time as the prairie grasses move back in along the edges. The trail has a very nice easy grade and no rocks at all! It's fantastic for beginners and young 'uns.

This trail connects the Singletree Trail to the Cowdry Draw Trail.

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Mayhoffer-Singletree Trail Click on image to enlarge
Mayhoffer-Singletree Trail Click on image to enlarge

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1.8 mi.
70 ft.


Trail Meter: Good»Poor

projected condition based on rains; please update when you ride

Dry & fast.

In great shape!

good to go

dry. high plains and Marshall valley have some bad muddy sections if you r doing the dirty bismark

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

one spot on this trail liquified... otherwise good to go

there is one 20 yard section the is blown up... the rest of the trail is 100% good to go

This trail would be fine except for a long muddy spot somewhere behind Costco that's getting bypassed and has now blown out to a 30' wide swath of destruction. Go through it people. Please!

some unavoidable mud puddles

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

muddy spots

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