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The Niwot Trails are a system of trails which wind through and around the town of Niwot, a spaghetti bowl of trails which add up to about 6.4 miles total.  Spectacular mountain views and shady cottonwood-lined paths along irrigation canals await you.

A few small trailheads service the Niwot Trails network; parking is limited so please ride your bike to the trail if you're local.


  • Lefthand Valley Grange Trailhead off of N 83rd, just north of Niwot Rd
  • Niwot Trailhead off of N 79th, just north of Mineral Rd
  • Monarch Trailhead off of Monarch Rd, just west of N 79th


Beloved by locals for after-work strolls, these trails are popular in the evenings and on weekends for all types of users, so mountain bikers should be extra cautious with speeds and blind corners.  These trails vary in width and surface conditions.  Explore and learn!

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6.4 mi.
0 ft.


Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Some patches of snow/ice, but otherwise no problem; no mud to be seen

Trail Meter: Closed»Fair

Trail condition updated to Fair.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

condition set to Good

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

Seasonal trail conditions exist. Please do not ride muddy trails.

Trail Meter: Poor»Good
Trail Meter: Good»Poor

Presumably terrible.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

condition set to Good

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

Rode the LoBo portion of it. A few icy spots in the shade between Niwot Rd and N 79th. Everything that gets sunshine is good.

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

Plenty of muddy sections

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

condition set to Good

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