OSBT Verdict on Chapman Drive


After hearing from many individuals representing Boulder mountain bikers, contemplative hikers, naturalists and dog advocates, the city's citizen Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT) crafted a recommendation for the Chapman Drive area connecting CO 119 in Boulder Canyon with Flagstaff Road. While not considered a destination trail by most mountain bikers, the road constitutes a vital connection between two recreation areas and provides riders the opportunity to make a loop through the foothills from downtown Boulder.

At issue for mountain bikers was approval for riding downhill on Chapman Drive, whose surrounding forest was also designated a protected Habitat Conservation Area (HCA) during the meeting. The initial recommendation proposed two no-bike days similar to the current usage of the Betasso area, but a few board members made the salient point that Betasso is mostly singletrack. Chapman has ample room for both hikers and bikers.

The final recommendation:

  • Both directional riding 7 days a week, with a friendly amendment for OSMP staff to report back in a year with further advisement.
  • Dogs to be allowed on leash from Boulder Canyon to Tenderfoot Trail, and voice and sight command from Tenderfoot to Flagstaff Road. Staff to report back in a year.
  • OSBT requested that Boulder Bike Patrol add the trail as a part of its patrol program
  • BMA has requested to review the language of appropriate signage that will be posted

This recommendation will stand unless "called up" by City Council.  BMA anticipates that Chapman will open to 2-way bike travel as soon as the city's Open Space Department has an opportunity to make and install new signs!