Pella Crossing

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These soft-surface trails are just sourth of the town of Hygine.  You can access the trails from N 75th Street, just south of the railroad tracks.  This beautiful Boulder County Open Space property has trails which wind amongst a series of ponds, with bird watching opportunities and some nice views of the mountains.

Pella Crossing is composed of two distinct trail groups: the Braly Trails (2.5 miles) to the east of 75th St, and the Marlatt Trails (1.1 miles) to the west of 75th Street.  Although these trails are a far cry from singletrack, mountain bikes are allowed and the trails provide a great opportunity for family-friendly riding without significant elevation gain.

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3.6 mi.
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Trail condition updated to Fair.

Deleting spam. Trail condition unknown

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Gravel Sections are very muddy

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Seasonal trail conditions exist. Please do not ride muddy trails.

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Presumably terrible.

still closed from September 2013 flood damage, see

Closed due to damage from flooding

Likely a bit snowy and muddy.

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