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The below description was written before the logging and winter of 2012-2013. We hope to update this description once people are able to start riding this trail again... until then, explore at your own risk!

new ReRoot featureRe-root may very well be the coolest trail around Nederland, and shows you just how much untapped opportunity there is for those of you in Boulder County that want to build some really cool stuff. Re-root is a USFS authorized re-route of Root Canal. It incorporates some optional lines that only the sickest riders will do (although I've seen some pictures of really young kids riding those very lines). But it also offers some challenge for intermediate technical riders as well, and there is always an easy ride around any challenging line. Some of the optional lines include a steep rock cobbled slab (intermediate) with a rock drop to a small tranny (expert) right next to it (with a ride around). There's a double constructed out of a glory hole, a 5 foot tall boulder with a dirt ramp built up to use it as the apex of a 90 degree left turn or ride over the top for a steep line down the backside you only get to see at the very last second. Sam's Club is an extra challenging line that still gets ridden so little you have to know where it is to find it. A big thank you to the creative trio of Duncan Wheeler, Troy Mandery, and Dave Kingsbury for applying their vision and their shoveling power to making the really cool trail a reality.

The ability to build this trail came from years of positive relations between BMA and the Boulder Ranger District of the Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest. Recreation Supervisor Ed Perault was the second BMA Hero in part because of his efforts to make the entire West Magnolia area a legitimate riding area. BMA has chipped in through trail work days, kiosk building, and a focused bike patrol presence for many years now. We owe a debt of thanks to those folks that volunteer and continue to show the Forest Service that working together, the Boulder Ranger District, BMA, and mountain bikers like you can make a difference. Sadly, the pine bark beetle is descending upon the entire West Magnolia area. Some of this land will be logged preventatively. Working with the Forest Service and the Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, BMA hired Countour Design to work with some mountain biking stakeholders to protect this and some of the best other trails in West Mag from logging. Still some trails will be lost, and the Forest Service is ready to work with BMA to rebuild those trails. We certainly hope more people like Duncan, Troy, and Dave step up to rebuild some of the new trails. We might end up with one of the coolest trail riding areas around. Projects like this take motivated volunteers and money to make a reality. If we don't step up to make our riding areas better, we lose them If you are not already a BMA member, sign up now. If you're interested in coming out for a trail work day or to stay on top of developments and opportunities like this one, sign up for the BMA newsletter and we'll keep you in the loop.

Check out new feature with mandatory air and skinny rock line when you're there next (7-12-11).

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Re-Root Trail Click on image to enlarge

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