Reboot Trail

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Reboot is a great piece of ripping singletrack through the woods which serves as an introduction to the true glory of the Dot Trails (if you're headed east, that is).  Reboot dumps you onto the Powerline Trail, which you'd take north for a bit to connect to other singletrack options.

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Reboot Trail Click on image to enlarge
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T: 5 A: 5 C: 7

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1.85 mi.
240 ft.


Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Dry and fun

Trail Meter: Good»Poor



condition set to Good

all dots are the spot see to be

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

In great shape.

Dots rumored to be mostly snow free, but many downed trees.

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

super snow biking!

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Great time to ride up high!

Reopened! Starting from the Boot Trail, we could not find this trail in clear cut area. Too much "forest work debris" and machine tracks to find trail.

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