Rock Creek Trail

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The Rock Creek Trail is a soft-surface trail that generally parallels Rock Creek from the Coalton Trailhead in Superior through the Carolyn Holmberg Preserve ending at the Rock Creek East Trailhead in Lafayette. There are several missing links along the route, but once complete will provide twelve miles of trail and merge with the Coal Creek Trail at the confluence of the two creeks.

From the Coalton Trailhead, you can jump onto either the Meadowlark or Coalton trails.  Thus, this regional trail is also an excellent way to "ride to your ride" if you're off to tackle the famous Dirty Bismark route.

The Coal Creek and Rock Creek Trails project is the product of an area-wide partnership. Boulder County, the Town of Superior, the cities of Louisville and Lafayette, and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, all worked and will continue to work together to ensure the trail's completion.

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