South Boulder Creek Trail

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Running predominantly north-south through the plains just outside Boulder city limits, this wide crusher-fines trail is a great way to stretch the legs on a Sunday afternoon.  You can grab the trail from Marshall Road to the south, or from the Bobolink Trailhead to the north.   A couple of underpasses allow you to cruise right on underneath South Boulder Road and Highway 36 with safety and ease.  A great trail to take your kid on the Strider or their first set of knobby wheels.

Watch out for cows and cow pies!

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2.4 mi.
20 ft.


Trail condition updated to Poor.

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Dry but cattle are out so expect, closed gates, cows and cow pies.

big storm = deep snow, please update this condition when you use the trail, thanks!

Trail condition updated to Good.

Trail condition updated to Fair.

dry and dusty

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Dry except for some ice in a couple of spots.

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

11/2 Snow, slush and mud. This trail MIGHT dry out in time for a ride before the the storm expected on 11/5. Look before you mangle it.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

A few wet spots, but otherwise dry.

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

Water runoff from the nearby field started today on part of the trail. Lots of families riding and walking.

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