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This loop trail is a great way to get away from the raw exposure of Dowdy Draw and into the trees.  When it's a wet spring, the wildflowers along this section of trail are truly unparalleled.  Keep your eyes peeled for grazing deer, especially at the top of the climb in the wee hours of the morning.  This trail, like most in the Dowdy Draw area, has a Goldilocks kind of appeal - not too steep, not too flat, juuuuussst right.  The trail isn't very technical either, with few rocks (relative to other Boulder County trails) and nice, smooth sections.

From Dowdy Draw, you start Spring Brook with 0.3 miles of singletrack over to a 3-way intersection with Spring Brook North to your right, and Spring Brook South to your left.  Which way to go?  You can take the loop either direction, as both directions offer a nice climb with a twisty descent.  Since this is the Spring Brook North description, let's go right!

The climb winds along contour, with meadow views to your right and downhill.  There are a couple of corners marked with "slow - blind corner", and the signs are serious.  Other than that the sight lines are awesome on this trail, you can see other trail users from a good distance away and get ready to practice some seriously awesome yielding skills.  The climb temporarily tops out on a flat meadow, with one of the most killer views of the Flatirons you get - it's why we live here, baby!  Climbers will appreciate the views of the Mickey Mouse Wall, and you'll occasionally catch a glimpse of trains going up the grade on their way to Rollins Pass.  Take a moment to soak in the view.

After turning back south, you enter the forest and enjoy some loamy trail with twists and turns through the trees.  This trail is a great place to work on your handling skills while avoiding blowing out the corners.  At the top of the climb, you come to a trail intersection sign and will see a path to the right that connects you up to a service road and to some hiking trails. While you might be tempted, please DO NOT ride any of the hiking only trails. This only hurts the reputation of all mountain bikers, and therefore endangers our access. Instead, continue on the loop to the left and head back down on Spring Brook South. This is a nice descent with some small loose rocks. Be carefull and respectull to hikers - this area tends to have a lot of foot traffic. Please slow and give way. If you have a bell, even better!

One of the newest trails in the Open Space and Mountain Parks system, Spring Brook opened in 2009.  With the allure of this beautiful trail, scenery, and the opportunity for a longer loop-style ride, more mountain bikers started using the Dowdy Draw area.  Boulder Mountainbike Alliance and the Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol consequently stepped up their efforts in this area, working harder than ever to educate all trail users about ettiquete and proper yielding technique.  Check out the Bike Patrol for information on their educational efforts, and BMA's trail etiquette page.

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Spring Brook North Trail Click on image to enlarge
Spring Brook North Trail Click on image to enlarge

T: 4 A: 5 C: 6

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1.4 mi.
270 ft.
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