Sugar Mag Trail

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Although the West Mag area is technically open to the public, trail stats and tracks are from pre-logging and may no longer be accurate. Travel and explore at your own risk.

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Sugar Mag Trail Click on image to enlarge
Sugar Mag Trail Click on image to enlarge
0.85 mi.
280 ft.


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Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Mix of dirt and packed snow.

Trail Meter: Closed»Good

Trail condition updated to Good.

Deleting spam. Trail condition unknown.

Deleting spam.

condition set to Good

damn sweet for early May not wet or muddy

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Good to go. Only a few snow patches remaining.

Too much snow! Difficult to get through certain areas. But again, it depends on weather conditions. Tomorrow I will be riding back on my bike and I will write my essay for me what roads to avoid. Read my blog post at the weekend I will publish it for cyclists.

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

Seasonal trail conditions exist. Please do not ride muddy trails.

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