Waldrop Trail

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T: 5 A: 5 C: 5

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2.1 mi.
200 ft.


Rode very well from parking lot up to St. Vrain intersection. Get out early a.m.!

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

It's rideable, but slow and not very fun.

2/12 So good right now.

A+ conditions for fat biking, as usual.

Waldrop A+ condition for fat bikes. Tons of skiers out there so stay in control.

Well packed and very fast for fat bikes.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Waldrop is packed and fast for fatbikes in its entirety

Good to go.

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

Haven't been on it but that area is melted out, so should be good to go

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

Still drifted over

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