Walker Connector

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The Walker Ranch Link or "Walker Connector" is a beautiful piece of singletrack which connects the Meyers Homestead and Walker Ranch trailheads.  Starting from the Meyers end, this ribbon o' bliss winds down a grassy hillside, crosses Flagstaff Road (look both ways just like your momma said!), then climbs back uphilll through a wildfire burn area.  You top out at the Walker Ranch parking area, and can proceed directly onto the Walker Ranch Loop.

BMA recommends parking at the Meyers trailhead and riding the singletrack for maximum awesome.

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Walker Connector Click on image to enlarge
Walker Connector Click on image to enlarge

T: 3 A: 5 C: 5

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1.1 mi.
170 ft.


Trail Meter: Poor»Good


Trail Meter: Good»Poor

According the to ranger "the trails are pretty sloppy"

I'd go as far to say perfect.

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

condition set to Good

Good for snowshoes; not yet packed in

Trail Meter: Fair»Poor

A foot of fresh snow

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

Mostly clear and dry; a few lingering ice/snow patches

Melting drifts, some mud, some clear/dry sections

90% snow drifts

Thanks to the wind, the exposed trail is drying nicely. But there's still sections of deep windblown snow/ice.

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