Walker Ranch Loop

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A great loop relatively close to Boulder. Don't be fooled by the moderate distance (~8mi) -- this is a tough ride due to some steep climbs. "Walker" has oft been said to be the most appropriately named of our trails ... unless you are the manimal, this trail will beat into walking at least once. There are some grueling short climbs, some grueling longer climbs, and some super gnar descents.

You can ride it either direction but I normally hit it counterclockwise to get the nice flowing singletrack descent on the backside. Going counter-clockwise, you will need to carry your bike down the stairs to South Boulder Creek. Take a look at the map at the trailhead before doing the loop, but the route is well marked. Save an hour or two for this ride depending on how fast you want to go.

Ride from Boulder on Flagstaff Road and do a Super Walker -- but be sure to bring food, water, and a jacket on this ride since it's pretty long.

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Walker Ranch Loop Click on image to enlarge
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T: 7 A: 8 C: 7

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7.6 mi.
1650 ft.



Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Stretches of packed snow in shady areas. Majority is dry. All rideable.

Mostly dry with a few spots of snow and ice left over in the shady areas.

Reopened 11/16.

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All boulder open space and mountain park system is closed until further notice.

Trails in good shape get out and enjoy.

On an average how much time does it takes? I often have limited time hours to do the climbing.

From RangerHatfield via Twitter: Still some wet spots on Walker. Everyone doing a great job of going thru the mud! #boco_trails http://t.co/njcEzrksuj

From RangerHatfield via Twitter: With all this rain, even Walker is getting sloppy. Please remember to travel thru the mud. #boco_trails

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