West Magnolia Survey

It's time to have your say on the future of West Mag.

You've heard about it for months - the US Forest Service shut down West Mag to do some forestry work, and reopened the area this winter... but the trails we knew and loved aren't the same.  BMA has taken the opportunity to move forward with the GOCO planning grant and is working with a contractor to assess and map the damage done from the mitigation process. Some of our favorite trails have been severely impacted and will need much consideration before putting them back into working order.

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Tell the planners what you want out of the new West Mag

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One of the elements of this planning process is to gather input from the general public and other concerned citizens, user groups etc... this survey will gather some of this critical input.

BMA cannot emphasize enough the potential value of this survey when putting the pieces of West Magnolia back together. Please take a few minutes to complete this simple survey. We don't often get this kind of opportunity to potentially affect how the trails will look in the future. Please be positive and thorough with your answers. The results of this survey will have a direct effect on the master plan submitted to the US Forest Service.

This survey is live only through March 12, so do it now!