Hall Ranch

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Antelope Trail
Awesome conditions! GET OUT there! Quit reading other people's opinions!!! 1 day 21 hours Good 35
Lower Bitterbrush Trail
condition set to Good 3 days 19 hours Good 175
Upper Bitterbrush Trail
condition set to Good 3 days 19 hours Good 176
Nelson Loop
Awesome ripppp braap!!' 1 day 21 hours Good 245
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Hall Ranch is a Boulder County Open Space park located just west of Lyons. There are two trailheads, one up Highway 7 (Hall Ranch Trailhead), and the other accessed on Antelope Road (Antelope Trailhead), which is off Apple Valley Road. The Highway 7 side often melts earlier than many other open space properties.

Choose your trailhead wisely! Access Hall from Highway 7, and you’ll be greeted initially by an relatively easy climb - that us until you reach the “Rock Garden,” a mile and a half of extremely technically challenging terrain. This mile and a half of climbing, through embedded granite slabs, provides challenges even for the most seasoned riders. Expect big anaerobic moves to clean the challenges there. But when accessed from the Antelope trailhead, Hall Ranch is technically easier, though it still climbs steeply. This side of the ranch features tight switchbacks and alternating singletrack/reclaimed road.

Climb from either trailhead, and you’ll intersect at the start of the Upper Bitterbrush Trail. This trail is still steep, and has several difficult sections, but is overall easier than the lower trails. Climb to the top, and you’ll reach the Nelson Loop. Go right for a shorter steeper climb, or go right for a mellower longer route to the top of the ranch. And once you’re at the top, take a moment to take in the views of Longs Peak before heading back down.