Valmont Bike Park

2010/08/30 - 4:20pm

REI employees work, play and volunteer in their communities. Because of this close relationship with the community, REI asks their employees to nominate non-profit organizations for REI grants.  The Valmont Bike Park was nominated by the REI Boulder Store and we applied for funding this spring.
We are pleased to report that our grant request was approved and recently funded.  Valmont Bike Park received $10,000 from REI to support trail construction and also ongoing maintenance.  Some of these funds will be used for the purchase of hand tools and equipment that will be stored on-site and used by volunteers.
REI has been a long-time supporter of outdoor recreation and BMA.  In fact, the 'REI Gives' Program has even provided a major grant for BMA's Volunteer Trail Work Program. Thanks REI for your support!

2010/05/04 - 4:21pm

The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department will commence construction of Valmont City Park Phase One and the Valmont Bike Park on Monday, May 10th, 2010. The construction contract has been awarded to J-2 Construction of Greeley, CO, and Alpine Bike Parks of Vancouver, BC. J-2 will handle the utilities, concrete, drainage and park infrastructure, and Alpine Bike Parks will build out the trails and all bike features.

Alpine Bike Parks is led by Judd DeVall, and he is bringing the A List of trail builders with him into town. DeVall and his team have built some of the finest facilities in the country, and we are truly grateful to have them working for us. Depending on the weather and other factors, we should have the foundation of the facility built in 90 days for a fall opening, with other park amenities and more landscaping added in 2011.

We want to thank you for your patience and help along the way, between picking up trash, dropping 20's in our donation buckets, and helping build enthusiasm for the project, this could not have happened without your support.

We are working with Alpine and J-2 to schedule volunteer days on site, please stay tuned to the BMA newsletters for details. We hope you ride by the site and watch the park materialize over the next few months. Please, DO NOT ENTER THE PARK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. J-2 Construction legally owns the site over the next 90 days, and will be vigilant in protecting their equipment and enforcing the no trespassing rule. If there are riders caught on site, it will delay the project. J-2 will have to hire security and erect more fencing, and this will come out of the money for the bike features and trails. Please, do not trespass.

The design team, lead by DeVall, is bringing years of experience to the table. They will be creating facilities that will cater to riders of all ability levels and ages. Our vision of a world class facility is within reach, just a few more months!


2009/09/01 - 12:00am

Dollar-for-dollar match for donations through December 1

Gates Family Foundation logo

Founded in 1946, the Gates Family Foundation invests in Colorado-based projects and organizations that impact the quality of life for those visiting, working and living in our state.

We are pleased to announce that the Gates Family Foundation will support Valmont Bike Park with a $1 for $1 matching grant for all donations collected by December 1st, 2009. The Gates Foundation will contribute up to $25,000 in matching funds.

We encourage everyone to take this opportunity to donate to our bike park.  If you are already a VBP donor please consider an additional donation, or encourage friends to contribute.  By contributing today you will double your investment in the future of bicycling in Boulder.