Valmont Bike Park

2011/04/29 - 6:03pm

On Thursday, April 28th, a bunch of intrepid volunteers met at Valmont Bike Park to add some more sweat equity to the mix.  The contractors, sub-contractors, and city Parks employees have been busting butt to get ready for the June 11th opening date, and now volunteers are coming in for a few select projects.

The crew worked on some light grading and grass seeding to help stabilize the soil from erosion. Here are some photos of folks broadcasting and raking in grass seed.  Luckily they got all that work done before rains are expected this weekend!

raking seed

raking seed

broadcasting seed


2011/04/15 - 8:48am

Valmont Bike Park has started its transformation from dirty moonscape to beautiful green parkland!  Sod has been arriving by the truckload, and lawns are starting to appear in key areas.

sod on truck

sodded lawn

Remember how we said 300+ trees needed to be planted?  Oh man is that a big task!  Here's some more shots of trees getting ready to go in the ground.



Word on the street is that the City Parks Department will soon be asking for volunteer assistance for Valmont. Your chance to get active and help out is right around the corner! Stay tuned to BMA's website for annoucements of volunteer opportunites such as Park Posse, Trail Maintenance, and Opening Day Event helpers.

BMA membership has been crucial in driving this idea into a reality. Membership in BMA will help to keep it going with ongoing support, events, programs and maintenance. Please help sustain Valmont Bike Park by becoming a BMA member today!

2011/03/30 - 6:00pm

300-400 trees started showing up this week, this is a ton of work to get these in the ground. There are multiple varieties, placing and digging them is a big task.

No bitching about the park not being open, everyone on site is working their tails off. For now, be patient and nooooo poaching. You will end up on the cover of the Daily Camera.