Valmont Bike Park

2011/03/28 - 6:00pm

We had 40 volunteers on site working with parks staff to rake and spread grass seed. Tough day at the office, but this place is going to be rad. Thanks to all the riders who pitched in.

2011/03/25 - 6:00pm

Progress at the park this week was going well until the city staff and contractors began focusing their efforts on ticketing and removing mountain bikes from the site. There are signs everywhere that read "No Tresspassing", but clearly there is a literacy problem amongst college graduates that ride mountain bikes. We need to let them work unimpeded, so stay off the site until they say so. If you want to spend $500 to ride your mountain bike, that's what it will cost you at Valmont, plus a bonus session at the courthouse.

Below is one of the true champions of Valmont Bike Park, Chance Brown from J2 Contracting. He has to dig the ditches, pour the concrete, get the permits, deal with inspectors, survey the site, and fend off the mountain bikers. If you see him on the trail (his favorite is BobCat Ridge), it is like a catholic running into the Pope. Thanks for the hard work Chance!

Chance Brown- Valmont

The bundle next to Chance is Erosion control blanket. It is being spread out across the site and helps the dirt from eroding while the grasses are taking.

2011/03/16 - 6:00pm

The crews are making good progress this week installing the decking (3,700 bolts are being installed) to the steel frames. Here are some shots of the crews checking the flow and alignment and some of the decking installed.

The crews also made great progress getting the bridges installed across the ditches. They have been designed to handle both two way bicycle traffic and emergency vehicles. The guard rails and trail surfacing on the bridges are coming soon.

Please be patient and stay off the site. Lots of activity going on and entering the site can only hurt the efforts to get it open this spring, spread the word.